The new headphone stand

Headphone Stand Halterung für Kopfhörer und Headset von Bose, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic Kopfhörerhalter


Headphones and headsets have become a steady part of the desk for many of us. In creative professions, or simply to not disturb colleagues in the office. A headset is also a loyal companion in the home office or after work at the gaming or streaming desk.
To create order and feel comfortable, a fixed storage place for the headphones should be given.


With the Headphone Stand, exactly such a place is created and the desk is upgraded at the same time.


The Design


Kopfhörerhalter aus Holz von balolo



For a design that is noble and stable at the same time, the headphone holder uses satin black steel and solid walnut wood. Wool felt as a natural material also provides a secure padding for the headphones. In addition, a cutout is milled into the lower third of the steel part, which enables the smart organization of cables and plugs. This way, everything is within easy reach at all times.
As with all of our products, there is a special focus on quality and composition. The headphone stand is made from sustainable materials in Germany and carefully selected.


Additional storage space



Holz Kopfhörerhalter mit Gel Pen Kugelschreiber Halterung für Headset und Kopfhörer


The wooden base of the headphone stand gets another use thanks to smart pen storage. It is precisely milled with CNC technology and creates an additional shelf for the desk. Pens, Apple Pen, USB sticks and adapters are quickly at hand and the workflow becomes more fluid.





Schreibtisch Setup Arbeitsbereich mit Monitörständer aus Holz und Kopfhörerhalter aus Holz von balolo


The height between the hanger and the wooden base measures 22.5 cm. This means that the headphone holder is sized to fit the most common headphones from Sony, Sennheiser, Bose, Beyerdynamic and comparable ones perfectly.



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