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The Setup Cockpit

The Setup Cockpit was developed with its user in mind. The intuitive and modular design allows it to be adapted to any profession and working method. With the well-thought-out mounting grid, the Setup Cockpit can be adapted to individual needs at any time. 


What makes the Setup Cockpit so unique is its modularity. Each Setup Cockpit is equipped with a mounting grid on its underside. Our modular desk accessories can be mounted individually on this mounting grid. If the individual needs change over time, the Setup Cockpit can be adapted and modified as often as required. This results in a workspace that has all the essentials needed for daily work. A true cockpit. But our cockpit is not only suitable for pilots, but also for architects, photographers, creators, and all other creative minds.


During product development, it was important to us that functionality goes hand in hand with a sleek design. The combination of natural wood and powder-coated steel, not only brings order and structure to the desk, but also a minimalist design statement that gives any office or home office a timeless aesthetic. Combined with the products in our Streamline Collection, the daily work essentials are showcased with ease.