Cable management made easy: The smart solution for organized cables 

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The challenges of a modern workspace

Laptop, monitors, computer, keyboard, mouse and chargers - at a well-equipped workplace in the office or home office, the number of electronic devices seems nearly infinite. And if they're not connected via Bluetooth, they're all connected by one thing: a cable. Or in some cases, several. Thanks to HDMI, network and USB, the number of cables quickly adds up. Keeping control of so many cables and avoiding cable chaos can often be a challenge.



An organized workspace for increased productivity

Yet an orderly structure under the desk is very important, as new ideas and clear thoughts are developed best in a tidy workspace without any distractions. This applies not only to productivity, but of course also to aesthetics. Once you've created a beautiful and functional setup on the desk with the  Setup Cockpit and Streamline Collection, the structure should be maintained under the desk as well, to create a productive and coherent work environment.  



Organized cables in no time

Creating a tidy and efficient work environment is easier than it seems. With our innovative Cable-Management-System, all cables can be organized and securely attached in no time. This brings order and structure not only on, but also under the desk. The well-thought-out cable management offers the ideal solution to increase productivity and let new ideas spark up thanks to a neatly structured workspace.

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Premium material meets thoughtful design

The cable manager is made of powder-coated steel and with its matte black finish it offers a durable and robust solution that hides all unwanted cables thanks to its elegant look. It thus not only fits perfectly with all modular accessories of the Setup Cockpit visually, but also offers real added value in terms of functionality. The well-thought-out design of the grid pattern creates the ideal surface for mounting all cables and multi-outlets that can be found under a modern desk.



Easy handling thanks to high-quality Velcro Strips

High-quality Velcro strips, which are supplied in different sizes, ensure that adapters and cables of all types and sizes can be attached to the cable organizer with ease. Thanks to the Velcro strips, the cables can be reorganized at any time and new cables can be added to the cable management effortlessly.



The ideal solution - also for standing desks

The cable management, which is mounted under the desk, creates structure at every workplace. Standing desks or height-adjustable desks have long ceased to be a rarity and are often standard in a modern office. The ergonomic work at a desk of this kind can be perfectly combined with the desk cable management, because it can be easily mounted under any desk. Cable organization with the cable management ensures that while the standing desk is adjusted in height, all cables remain organized in place. This guarantees an effortless transition from working while sitting at your desk to working while standing at your desk at all times.


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Take control of your cables now with the Cable-Management-System and increase your productivity with ease. 

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