Simple and elegant! The TriPod is super processed and absolutely enhances the Apple HomePod mini visually. An absolute eye-catcher in any room!

- @ulresch



It just changed everything! It gives even more aesthetic and style to your HomePod mini, the wood touch of course is just beautiful, isn’t it?

- @koliamishka



It’s so simple yet an ingenious way to up the overall aesthetic of the Homepod mini. I also think that the HomePod mini sounds better with the stand, probably because of the elevated position.

The overall build quality is very sturdy and I love how the circular metal frame fits perfectly with the bottom of the HomePod mini. And of course, it fits my desk setup so well.
 I have no negative comments about it at all.

- @kevincharlesdc




It couldn’t get any more perfect for all your needs. Not only that but physically it’s build quality is incredible! Exactly the wood aesthetic we all know and love from balolo.




This wooden desk shelf is absolutely high quality. What makes it superior?
The ability to be fully modular in its accessories. Thanks to the various predispositions under the body you can decide to mount the various accessories, wherever you want and according to your needs!



I love the Setup Cockpit! Not only that the quality is really incredible - it's an impressive allrounder on every desk. Visually, but also or especially because of the space it provides. Everything that was flying around on my desk was integrated into the Setup Cockpit - Every single add-on: Macbook, headphones, desk pads. Everything has its place and fits perfectly into the overall picture. For me, an absolute must-have! 

- @ulresch


Balolo is pushing so much on their wood products, I've always liked them... but this one is a work of art! Finished with care in every detail, a sturdy and well finished wood!

- @cristiano_tech



It’s not a classical desk shelf like you can see on the actual market! The Cockpit allows you to attach different kind of accessories, mount, stands, trays ! It’s a smart desk shelf.

- @koliamishka



Super easy to install and holds the MagSafe charger perfectly in place. Stylish yet functional, and complements my desk perfectly. I’ve been using it for a few days now and it’s by far, one of my favorites wooden accessories

- @jp__tech



That Mag Puck is an absolute game changer if you like wooden accessories as much as I do. MagSafe really doesn’t look that good by itself. But man… it’s so beautiful now.

- @edc_tech_


If you’re like me fan of MagSafe charging but a bit bored about that white Apple MagSafe charger, just give him a beautiful wood touch! Elegant and different - What else?

- @koliamishka


In my opinion this small piece adds a much better look to the MagSafe charger because of the wooden design. It’s made from a solid piece of American walnut wood and has two nano-suction pads to hold the Apple MagSafe charger in place.
The installation couldn’t be easier and thanks to a small hole you can remove it super easily again.

- @tobias.setup