The new Setup Cockpit: Functionality in light oak wood


The Setup Cockpit is a monitor stand that is changeable and can be customized at any time. However, the desk design can often be quite different. For this reason, the Setup Cockpit is now also available in a lighter oak wood.


And that may be just the sustainable statement your desk has been missing.


Simple and tidy



The new Setup Cockpit immediately creates order on the desk in just a few simple steps. More order and structure immediately help to make everyday life easier, whether it’s in the office or when working from home . Of course, the oak version also comes with a mounting grid to easily mount modular accessories and extend the personal workspace.


The most stylish Apple setup

The new version particularly fits setups that are mainly kept in light colors. Thus, the oak wood visually matches with all current Apple product. Whether it’s a MagSafe, AirPods, MacBook or iMac: The minimalist design of the popular Apple devices is perfectly complemented and emphasized.




Easy to combine

Depending on the personal taste and style, light wood can, of course, beautifully fit darker colors as well. There are no limits to creativity when creating the personal dream setup.

This way the work area becomes a stylishly furnished place of well-being. At the same time, a practical desk shelf is created to store all important desk utensils in a space-saving way.


Design, Functionality and sustainable materials – that’s it.



When selecting the wood, it was important for us to combine design and functionality with our basic value of sustainability. Oak wood is suitable for this for many different reasons:


  • It is one of the most common types of wood in our production country Germany - saving long transports and thus fossil raw materials.

  • Oak wood is known for its durability and longevity. Thus, the setup cockpit is a purchase for eternity.

  • Last but not least, oak wood naturally has a unique grain and does not require extensive treatment. As a finish it is hand-sealed with natural oils and waxes.


Convinced yet? Here  you can take a look at the new Setup Cockpit and plan your creative workspace together with the matching modular accessories.


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