Laptop Dock

The most elegant way to save space.
A secure and classy home to the laptop.

  • The Laptop Dock is a smart way to store a laptop in a space-saving way while it is closed and connected to a screen. The elegant yet sturdy design provides a secure stand so that the device can be quickly stored with one hand.

    The combination of genuine American walnut wood and 3mm thick steel combines functionality and aesthetics in a simple way. To protect the laptop's surface, the inside is covered with genuine wool felt. The smart design of this laptop holder is completed by the open bottom for supported ventilation and cork strips for a secure stand. 

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German Engineering

Modern CNC-Technology

Premium Quality

Individually Hand-Finished

The balolo® Laptop Dock is more than just a vertical wooden laptop stand - this laptop holder offers the perfect docking station for your Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and comparable wide laptops and notebooks. With a flick of the wrist, the device is stored in a space-saving way and nothing stands in the way of working with laptop and screen. Storing your laptop on edge offers numerous advantages: With the right laptop accessories, the workspace in the office and home office can be easily organized and tidy and the laptop no longer takes up unnecessary space. So a laptop stand like this one not only looks good with its minimalist design, it is a true desk organizer.  
Premium Quality - Made in Germany.


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